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Graphic design, print media, branding, and online marketing consultant working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians. Artist owned and operated. Based in New Jersey.

mobile-friendly websites

In 2014, web browsing on mobile devices surpassed desktop web browsing. These numbers only continue to increase, making mobile-friendly websites a must in today’s world. Nothing says “we don’t want your business” more than a website that is not optimized for mobile browsing, as well as classic desktop browsing. People lose attention very quickly when they need to pinch and zoom to view sections of your website. We specialize in creating beautiful, content-rich websites that flow properly across all platforms.

Social Media Management

Look around at everyone with their faces buried in a cell phone. Having a social media presence for your business, art, or music is a no-brainer. Constant engagement with potential clients, existing clients, and fans is what keeps you relevant. Social media is crucial for any business or artist, but life happens, and sometimes jobs, kids and other obligations don't allow for the constant attention that is needed to maintain your online presence. We specialize in targeted social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in addition to Yelp page management.


You can see a quick glipse of a popular brand logo and know exactly what it is. If you are putting a product out into the world, whether it be goods, services, art, or music... it needs a defining symbol that will forever embed itself in the minds of the people who want it. Beyond that, your products and your work must be shown in the best possible light. We provide everything you need to have your product recognized and look great.