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Do what you do best.

I had a conversation yesterday over Sunday brunch with a friend who is in the process of starting a new business. It's one of many similar conversations I've had with people recently who are sick of the status quo, and want to work for themselves doing something they are passionate about. The quintessential American dream.

This particular conversation involved a foraging business - scouring the wilderness for fresh, wild ingredients, and then selling them to local restaurants and markets. Admittedly, this is a business that I know nothing about. But that's exactly the point. Here we have two people, involved in two businesses, that need each other.  

On one hand, you have a unique business with a very specific and targeted market. On the other hand, you have a business that specializes in creating the public face and image of other businesses.

We discussed a bare-bones, essential marketing strategy for a new business with a small budget. First and foremost, a logo. A recognizable image that people will see and associate with the quality and consistency of the products the business will produce. This will then be branded onto business cards, brochures, a website and social media. Simple enough if you're a graphic and website designer. Not so simple if your work involves scouting a forest and digging wild mushrooms from the soil, and little to no time dealing with technology.

Many people want to start a small business, but they will find that all of the other factors involved will spread them thin, and draw their precious time away from what they do best. This concept is the sole purpose and mission of GRZ Creative. To work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians - to let us both focus on what we do best.

Get out there and focus on what you love to do. Focus on your art, your craft, your vision, your passion. These are the things that separate what you do from everyone else. From logos and branding to print media and social media marketing, GRZ Creative will handle the rest.

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